Extremis front view

Extremis side view

Above are pictures of my finished Extremis cabinets. The cabinets aren't perfect but they came out pretty nice and only took 1 week to complete. I used some nice Walnut veneer that I purchased for only $12.00 plus shipping from B&B Rare Woods in Colorado. I applied 10 coats of Minwax Wipe-on Polyurethane and probably could have put more on because that stuff goes on very thin and takes many more coats when compared to the regular brush-on stuff. The cabinets are veneered in a way that makes them almost perfect mirror images of each other. I decided not to flush mount the woofer, but instead to surface mount it because it should help with the phase alignment with the tweeter and allow me to try out different woofers if I decide to experiment (my Galatea design temporarily used this cabinet to house the Seas H571 as an experimental project and allowed me to design a crossover for that combination of drivers).