"Pleasure in the job put perfection in the work."

Custom manufacturing of classical, flamenco and flat-top steel-string acoustic guitars are his specialties. A foundation of high grade solid wood materials put his guitars in league with the finest around. Some of the types of wood he uses to build his guitars include Rosewood, Maple and Mahogany for the back and sides. He uses Spruce or Cedar for the soundboards and Ebony or Rosewood for the fret boards and bridges. Bone is used for the nut and saddle. Each creation is the product of countless hours of work and every guitar is unique... you won't find another one like it anywhere. Prices start at $1,500.

If you are interested in purchasing any of his guitars or have a special request give him a call or send him an email.

Pictures of some of his completed guitars and some in progress are provided below. There are also some pictures of his workshop where these instruments are created. The flamenco guitar featured below has gotten a lot of use and is currently Victor's primary guitar for performances. The steel-string guitar also travels with Victor frequently and provides an alternative to the nylon-stringed flamenco. Some of the "works in progress" include an acoustic bass guitar and a classical guitar, both of which can be seen below.

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