Welcome to Victor Lopez's web page.

Here you will find information regarding his talents and services which all are based on the guitar in one way or another. Victor has decades of experience in classical and flamenco guitar studies. He is an accomplished artist specializing in solo guitar performances covering a wide range of musical styles, cultures and ages. He now shares his knowledge of the guitar and music theory in general through his in depth and individually tailored lessons. His lessons revolve around numerous guitar styles and students of every level, from beginner to advanced. His talents aren't limited to performing and teaching, but extend into the area of guitar building (lutherie). Skilled craftsmanship and exceptional quality building materials give his creations a unique style, uncompromised quality, and phenomenal acoustics. Orders can be customized to your needs and cover a wide array of musical instrument types including flamenco, classical, steel-string acoustic, acoustic bass and more. Please take your time to explore this web site and determine which of Victor's services might suit your needs.

As of 2010, Victor is focusing more on musical performance than teaching or guitar building although if you are interested in hiring Victor for any of these skills please contact him via phone.

Victor is currently looking for events and venues to perform his music (weddings, cultural festivals, restaurants/coffee houses, etc).

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