Some samples of Victor Lopez's solo guitar work are provided below. The files are small (under 2MB each) due to a large degree of compression via the mp3 format. All of the songs below were performed by Victor in a "live studio" format (the songs are recorded in one take from start to finish with no overdubbing or mixing). Victor's own handmade Flamenco guitar was used in all of the recordings. Most of the songs in this grouping reflect Victor's latin background and expertise in Flamenco style guitar playing. These songs only represent a fraction of Victor's repertiore... his capabilities extend far beyond this range and perhaps some more samples will arrive in the near future. Take some time to listen and enjoy.

mp3 samples of songs performed by Victor Lopez
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Song Title Composer Duration
Noches en Buenos Aires Victor Lopez 1:26
Lamento Borinqueno R. Hernandes 3:10
Malaguena Traditional 3:27
Triste Victor Lopez 2:25
Soleares Flamenco Traditional 3:06
Waltz Victor Lopez 3:15
El Zolsar
Traditional 2:47
Alegrias Flamenco Traditional 3:02
Prelude Victor Lopez 1:30